The East Portland Parks Coalition is a volunteer group that supports current and future parks, open spaces and green spaces projects in east Portland.  Meetings are open to anyone who is interested. 

Meets - First Thursday of most months - 7:00 PM

At - East Portland Neighborhood Office - 1017 NE 117th Avenue


Parks Chair - Alesia Reese


Jul 1, 2015 by
"I have carefully considered your feedback, as well as PP&R staff input. Based on this information, I have decided to fund Master Plans for Mill Park and Midland Park (in a concurrent process, as requested by the Mill Park Neighborhood Association), and the SE 150th and Division property," Commissioner Fritz. More...
Jul 1, 2015 by
Congratulations to our partners and friends at Outgrowing Hunger for receiving a $25,000 grants from Commissioner Amanda Fritz for their work to build a new community garden! More...
Jun 30, 2015 by

Tom Badrick

See the design for the "East Island", most popular with local residents and businesses. You have an opportunity to voice your opinion! More...